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Pool Plumbing Makes a Gurgling Noise

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What to Do When Your Pool is Making Funny Noises

If your pool’s plumbing is making noises, chances are you have air in the system. A couple of things to look for are air bubbles.

  • Do you see air bubbles coming up from the jets?
  • Can you see bubbles in the top of the pot where your basket is?
  • When you turn on the motor, do you hear a rumbling noise?

One of my neighbors turns on his pool motor at 6:50 am. I know this because I can hear the gurgling of his piping as the system purges all the air that got into it since it was shut off. Air may be getting in the system from different sources. It may be as simple as filling the pool. If your water level is low, the skimmer will draw air into it as well as water.

You will hear the motor run dry until the suction is built up enough to draw water in and then the cycle repeats itself.

Other areas to concentrate on are the lid for the pot basket and the filter. Both of these areas have a thick gasket that gets compressed to eliminate air leaks. You won’t be able to see an air leak at the filter, but you may be able to see air bubbles getting in at the pot, due to the clear plastic. Remove the top and inspect the gasket for damage. If it is damaged replace it.  Clean off the surfaces between top and bottom and lubricate the gasket. The lube will attract debris on the surfaces, so wipe the surfaces clean and reinstall the freshly lubricated gasket.

Not so obvious is a crack in the piping or fittings that would allow air into the system. These repairs are likely outside the skills of a typical homeowner, and may take a professional.