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Add Plumbing Hose Bib to Water Softener Line

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plumbing hose bib

So why would someone want to add a plumbing hose bib to their soft water conditioner line? That’s easy…a spot-free car. When I was little, I always wondered why the neighbor was washing his car with a hose coming from the garage. He was washing his car with soft water for a professional finish.

You want to install the hose bib on the outgoing line of your water softener. If you look behind your water softener, you will see two water lines going into the unit. The water flows into the unit, gets softened, then exits the unit. There should be an arrow on the bypass valve showing the direction of flow.

It’s not rocket science, but you will have to figure out the fittings necessary to make put the whole thing together. You will at least need a tee and the hose bib, but you may need some additional fittings depending on how your lines are configured.

You will need to turn the water off and cut the outgoing line. Use a pipe cutter instead of a hacksaw. Dry fit the fittings and then you can sweat them all together. You will need to clean, flux, and then apply the heat and solder. Here is an article on how to sweat copper.

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