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The Paradise NV Handyman and Air Conditioner Repair Experts

Don’t like having to make a bunch of calls to find the best prices and best service? Lucky for you, you’ve found Champion Services: the professional HVAC technician, plumber, electrician, carpenter, and general contractor in Paradise, NV, all in one. Our licensed and experienced team is ready to tackle any job, from routine maintenance to full home remodels. No job is too small or too complex for us. Discover the convenience of having a single trusted partner for all your home service needs in Paradise, NV. You’ll love our fast response times and courteous service.

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Much More than AC Repair in Paradise, NV: Our Services

HVAC Services

Champion Services is your go-to HVAC contractor in Paradise, ensuring your comfort all year round. Our licensed technicians service every brand of HVAC system, offering repairs, installations, and maintenance for your home heating and cooling. We understand the extreme temperature swings in Paradise, and our team is ready to jump into action to keep you securely comfortable.

Plumbing Services

From leaky faucets to complete bathroom remodels, our plumbers at Champion Services in Paradise are ready to meet all your plumbing needs. We offer general plumbing services, repairs, installations, and emergency services for both residential and commercial properties. Choose us for reliable and professional plumbing solutions.

Electrical Services

Champion Services provides comprehensive electrical services near Paradise. Our licensed electricians handle repairs, installations, and service for switches, outlets, light fixtures, and more. Your safety is our priority, and we make every decision by the book. Whether you’re facing an emergency or planning an upgrade, count on us for expert electrical services.

Carpentry Services

Champion Services offers a wide range of carpentry services, from basic framing to high-end finish carpentry. Our licensed carpenters excel in doors, drywall, flooring, trim, and custom projects. Whether you need repairs or want to create a new look for your home, our professionals are here to get the job done right.

General Contractor Services

As a licensed general contractor in Paradise, Champion Services handles projects big and small, including bathroom and kitchen remodels. Our experienced team ensures that no project is beyond our capabilities. From plumbing to electrical work, trust us for comprehensive general contractor services.

Why Choose Champion Services?

With decades of experience, Champion Services stands out as the premier HVAC service provider in Paradise, NV. Our team’s wealth of experience and expertise ensures that every project, from routine maintenance to complex installations, is handled with skill and precision.

We’re committed to delivering quality workmanship, customized solutions, and round-the-clock emergency services for your peace of mind.

When you need a handyman in Paradise, NV, trust Champion Services. Call us at 702-896-0000 today to schedule your home service!

We know reviews are important, so we encourage all of our customers to put in an honest word about us. Check out the rave opinions from the Paradise, NV community to see how we are always the best we can be when it comes to any of our handyman & HVAC services.

How much should a complete HVAC system cost near Paradise NV?
A complete HVAC system costs between $8000-$15000 on average</strong>. This depends on efficiency and options. What do we mean by "efficiency and options"?</p> Efficiency refers to the SEER Rating, which is typically between 14-23. The higher the rating, the more efficient it is.</li> Options refers to if it a standard heat pump and air handler system, a Mini-Split heat pump system, Geothermal Heat Pump, or an electric furnace and AC system.</li> </ul> For additional information on what your system replacement might cost, contact us at 702.896.0000</p>
Is it better to fix or replace the water heater near Paradise NV?
That depends on the amount of the repair and the expected life left in the water heater. If the cost to repair is low, then it is probably better to repair it. If the cost is high and the water heater is old, it is better to replace it. Be aware that the repair may be covered by a warranty, so it is always a good idea to check the warranty information.</p>

Recent Jobs and Reviews in Paradise, NV

Job Locations and Reviews

Mark B.
Mark B. Checked in
Electrical repair: homeowners were experiencing frequent tripping of circuit breakers. After a comprehensive electrical inspection, I identified a faulty wiring connection. I promptly rewired the affected circuit, ensuring safety and stability in the home's electrical system. The homeowners were relieved to have a secure and efficient electrical setup.
Paradise, NV 89123
Steve S.
Steve S. Checked in
Went out to a scheduled installation of a water heater at a residential home. Removed the old unit and carefully installed the new electric water heater for the homeowner. Tested the system for leaks and performance issues. The new water heater is working as it should for the customer.
Paradise, NV 89121
Jim L.
Jim L. Checked in
Went out to help a homeowner who was having issues with their air conditioning system. Inspected the system and found the compressor was not working. Replaced the compressor in the unit to bring it back to working order. Made sure the system was working properly before leaving.
Paradise, NV 89119
Paradise, NV - Hang sculptures/ figurines/ plaques on the wall.
Mark B.
Mark B. Checked in
Hang sculptures/ figurines/ plaques on the wall.
Paradise, NV 89121
Paradise, NV - Re-level tub that had some Kem one and building up proper support underneath to prevent future problems rebuild decking and support areas
Steve S.
Steve S. Checked in
Re-level tub that had some Kem one and building up proper support underneath to prevent future problems rebuild decking and support areas
Paradise, NV 89123

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