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Address Light Fixture Repair

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If you have a light fixture on the front of your house with your address on the cover, at some point it will cause you some frustration. It is going to go out and you will be left to figure out why.

The easiest repair will be replacing the bulb inside. These are ordinary bulbs that you can just screw in. You may be able to find them at a home center, or you may have to go to an auto parts store (I know that sounds weird). It’s best to take the light bulb with you to make sure you are getting an exact replacement.

The cover is usually held in place by some tabs on the top and bottom. If you gently squeeze the top and bottom you can disengage the tabs and remove the cover. You may have a screw on each side of the cover that holds it in place.

Once you have the cover off, you will have access to the bulb. You may find a variety of different bulbs. Some fixtures may have a small bulb that you have to push in and turn to remove. Other bulbs have contacts that are held by the fixture, and these will pull out of the contacts. Although not common, some even have small bulbs that screw in.

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