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Cabinet Drawer Knob Screws Too Long

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Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Dressing up your cabinets with new knob or drawer pulls is a great idea. You can totally change the look of your cabinets with just a few hours and a low cost.

Cabinet knobs come with screws that enter through the back of the drawer face and screw into the cabinet knob or pull. If the screw is too long, there will be a gap between the screw head and the back of the drawer or door face.

This will allow the knob to pull out by that amount of distance before the screw head engages the drawer or door and pulls it open.

Two obvious choices here:

The danger with cutting off the screw is that it will be very difficult to get it to thread into the knob. I have used the washer trick many times and it is fast and easy. You don’t need to get the distance perfect, just so that the screw enters the knob and the whole assembly gets tight so that it won’t come apart. You are probably looking at between 1 and 3 washers per knob to do the job.

Add some washers to the screw and insert the screw into the rear of the drawer face, then screw on the knob. If it is still loose, just add another washer.

If you need a cabinet makeover or a whole kitchen remodel, Champion Services is here to help. Give us a call at 702-896-0000.

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