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Connecting a Swamp Cooler To a Hose Faucet

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How To Add Water To a Swamp Cooler in Las Vegas

For a swamp cooler to cool the air, it needs water. You can run water from a hose faucet (hose bib) to the cooler very easily. You can run either a copper water supply line or plastic and all the parts are readily available during the warm months.

You will need to buy a hose faucet with a swamp cooler adapter built into it. This is simply a threaded hole in the side of it so you can screw in a valve. So all that is left to do is to connect the water line from the hose bib to the swamp cooler.

This will keep everything leak-free. If you do happen to see a drip, give the nut a quarter turn. Make the same connection at the swamp cooler. Turn the water on and you will hear the reservoir of the swamp cooler start to fill.