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Door Stop For a Hollow Door

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Installing a Door Stop

Installing a door stop for an interior hollow core door is very easy, but where should you install it? You have a choice to install it either on the door or on the baseboard of the wall where the door would hit.

The key is to make the area of impact somewhere where the door has the support around the perimeter.

Whether or not you install the door stop on the wall or the door, if the point of impact is in the hollow area, you will end up with a hole in your door.

If you choose to install the door stop on the door itself, you can install the door stop either at the bottom corner or top corner on the latch side of the door. You will be able to tell if you hit the wood perimeter if the door stop is hard to screw in (that’s a good thing).

If you choose to install the door stop on the baseboard, make sure the padded end of the stop contacts the edge of the door (where there is wood support), otherwise you get a hole in your door. It also helps to have the door cut correctly so that you don’t have to angle the door stop upwards to contact the door. The door stop will stay in place if the force is absorbed along the entire length of the stop. If it is at an angle, the force may push it out of the baseboard.

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