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Handyman, Is Wood or Metal Better for Closet Rods?

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The Classic Handyman Job: A Closet Rod Falling Down

closet rods The closet rod gets loaded up with far more weight than it is designed for and the homeowner wonders why it fell down. So the question of which is better, metal or wood, doesn’t have as much to do with the material as it does with how it is installed.

The key here is to distribute as much of the weight as possible over the length of the rod and wall it is attached to. I’m always amazed when I see a clothes rod secured on each end with no support in the middle.

Do you think that would stop people from hanging too much weight on them? Nope. Wood rods will bow in the middle to the point of breaking.

At the very minimum, the rod should be braced on each end and in the middle. Depending on the length of the rod, it may be a good idea to add more bracing in between each end and the middle support for a total of five support points. That might sound extreme, but over a long wall it isn’t.

Wood rods use a shelf support and a hook for the rod. Metal rods are integral to the shelf and are supported with various wall anchors. When supporting these, you will get more support and stability when you install into the studs, regardless of whether the rod is made of wood or metal.

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