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My Dishwasher Installation Sticks Out Too Far

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dishwasher installationMy Dishwasher Installation Sticks Out Too Far

When doing a drywall installation, you have to pay attention to the little details.  In addition to connecting the dishwasher’s drain line and water supply line, the unit has to fit neatly inside the opening in the cabinets.

Some people have issues with the dishwasher sticking out too far or not being flush with the surrounding cabinets. You want the dishwasher to be aligned with the surrounding cabinets and have equal spacing along the perimeter. The dishwasher is held in place with two screws at the top of the unit. Open the door and look at the top…you will see the screws.

If the unit is sticking out too far and won’t go any further, pull it out of the opening and look inside the opening for obstructions. It may be that the drain line is coiled up behind it and is preventing it from moving back any farther. If the dishwasher is in a kitchen island, look at the back of the cabinet opening. It may be that there is a strip of wood along the bottom of the floor which is used as a nailer for the cabinet back. If necessary, you can chisel out small areas where the feet of the dishwasher will go. There will be plenty of room to install the dishwasher. You just have to figure out what is preventing it from moving all the way back. When you are happy with the position, reinstall the screws at the top.

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