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Remove Painted over Door Hinges

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Door hinges last for a long time and usually don’t need to be replaced. However, some folks like to change them out for a new color or finish when updating a room. Occasionally, the hinges will be so covered in layers of paint, it will be hard to see not only the outline of the hinges, but the screw heads as well.

You can probably guesstimate where the screw heads will be. I usually take a screwdriver and press down and the screwdriver finds the head. I guess it depends on whether or not you are keeping the hinges or replacing them. You could use a razor or even a standard screwdriver and scrape off some paint around where you think the screw heads will be.

If you are keeping the hinges, you have a headache of removing all the paint on them. In some cases, the paint will peel off easily but it is tough to get all of it out. I suppose you could use fine steel wool to remove the last traces of paint, but really, just go get some new ones and save yourself he trouble and time of removing decades-old paint.

Replace one hinge at a time so that you don\’92t have to remove the door, which would also add time and headaches. If you are painting the door, obviously paint it first, and then replace the hinges.

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