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Removing a Pet Door

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Tips & Advice On Removing a Pet Door in Your Las Vegas Home

Removing a pet door is the easy part, patching the hole is the tough part. Most people look at a small dog door hole and think it will be a fast job. Consider this: you will need to install insulation in the wall, sheathing, and whatever material your house has on the exterior (stucco, etc) and exterior paint. For the inside, you will have drywall, tape, texture and a second color of paint.

Somehow this isn’t going to be a one hour job.

There is a sequence to follow for this type of job. Obviously, you first should remove the dog door. Depending on the type of door you have , you may need to remove some screws that hold the ends of the door together (they sandwich the wall), and then cut through the caulking at each surface. If you have a homemade dog door, you will probably have to remove any molding around the opening and then pry out any pieces that form the opening. What you will have left is a square opening.

You will need to install some pieces of “2×4” or other strips to act as nailing surfaces. Cut your sheathing to fit the opening, nail it to the strips and add the exterior surface materials (its always a good idea to close in the exterior first).

Add insulation in the opened wall, and then drywall the opening. Then you can texture and paint the patch.