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Shower Door Sweep Drips when Door is Opened

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showersweepA shower door sweep is important to keep water in the shower where it belongs. Some designs though can be challenging.

There are shower door sweeps that simply use a flexible rubbery flap that hangs down to block the gap between the bottom of the shower door and the shower threshold. They work fine.

There are also those sweeps that have a drip rail along the door. These will have a groove along the rail that catches water as it hits the shower door and rolls down. Eventually (depending on how long of a shower you take), the groove will become full of water. When you get out of the shower, you open the door and the wonderful principle of centrifugal force takes over. As you open the hinged door, the arc of the swing flings the water on your floor.

There isn’t a whole lot you can do about that, except maybe open the door VERY gently. You might try to build a small dam at the end of the rail (on the handle side). This would at least minimize the amount of water that flies out. Try applying some silicone caulking to plug up the groove. It may even take a few applications of it to build up the height somewhat.

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